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Brand Strategy

Sharpen your brand strategy and manage your brand in the most constructive, systematic, and efficient ways.


Marketing strategies based on consumer decision journey planning and utilization of user-generated data.

B2C / B2B Go-to-Market

Analyze market opportunities, identify resourcing gaps, and drive rapid results through precise planning.

Customer Service

Strong customer service-focused culture, along with the systems, processes, and behaviors that ensure superior service levels.

Customer Strategy

Strategically plan the right mix of business, experience, and technology to drive actionable change and deliver results.

Product Management

Vision-led product management to accelerate value creation and product career development.

Customer Experience

Full range of CX services including consulting, blueprint design, project management, employee development, and journey mapping.

Operational Excellence

Generate substantial business value through process improvement and cost reduction techniques, which result in faster time-to-market and increased revenue.



Founded in 2009, GoldenHill has developed from a one man’s belief in the power of sales, marketing, and client service, to an international workplace that focuses on improving the performance of Corporations, Teams, and Individuals.

We are a regional consultancy firm that helps change-makers define the future. We work alongside our customers and share their ambition to achieve exceptional results, outpace the competition and reformulate industries. As a result, we deliver better, faster, more enduring results using our tailored expertise and vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators.

Mission Statement: 

“To operate on the principles of continuous quality improvement to provide clients with the continuous opportunity for the development and extension of skills, performance, and knowledge through high-quality consultancy services.”

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Ziad Melhem has filled various roles at Amana Capital Group since starting in 2013, including Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Business Development Officer. He had oversight of all communications, messaging, client engagement, client experience, sales, customer service, and marketing strategy & execution on behalf of the group.

Ziad is highly experienced in sales, marketing, customer service, demand generation, automation, and leadership. In addition, he is a professional speaker and blogger who covers these areas when connecting with organizations. He translates problems into solutions and is an expert at leading cross-functional teams in their execution.


He is highly knowledgeable in turning complex concepts, business processes, and technology opportunities into actionable and achievable activities.

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